Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2015

The con season has started. Over the weekend I attended Amazing Arizona Comic Con . This was my first time at that particular event. While its smaller than some cons I’ve attended that can be beneficial.  Even though its focus was more on comics and comic collectors there were a good mix of other panels as well. The specific panels I chose to attend were a good chance to learn more about costuming, prop construction, make-up, and photography.  It also showed how all those areas combine to create great character or portray the story of a character.

One of the things I picked up is my first Funko POP figure to begin my collection. The Lady Sif figure is one that didn’t make my 5 Fandom Friday List but is one that is fun to have.


Everyone attends cons for different purposes and that’s perfectly ok. For me its a chance to enjoy an opportunity to meet with others who enjoy the same things I do.  For my first time it was nice to walk around and just enjoy myself since I’m usually volunteering in some capacity. Also next time I need to remember to pull out my camera and take photos.

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