Agents of SHIELD: Change is Inevitable


From the beginning Agents of SHIELD has not glossed over what happens after a mission. None of the core team walked away from the alien city encounter totally unscathed. Whether it is physically, mentally, emotionally or a combination they are not the same people they were before. Dealing with post mission consequences is commonly explored both for individual characters and on … [Read more...]

Favorite Blogging Snacks/Drinks

Welcome to another installment of 5 Fandom Friday. This week's topic is Favorite Blogging Snacks/Drinks. ┬áNot everything that came to mind immediately is healthy but they make good snacks. 1. Fruit juice - I'm including hot apple cider in this list as thats one thing I've been drawn two during the winter. Now that the weather is getting warmer a glass of cold fruit juice is … [Read more...]