Agents of SHIELD: Change is Inevitable


From the beginning Agents of SHIELD has not glossed over what happens after a mission. None of the core team walked away from the alien city encounter totally unscathed. Whether it is physically, mentally, emotionally or a combination they are not the same people they were before. Dealing with post mission consequences is commonly explored both for individual characters and on … [Read more...]

Favorite Blogging Snacks/Drinks

Welcome to another installment of 5 Fandom Friday. This week's topic is Favorite Blogging Snacks/Drinks.  Not everything that came to mind immediately is healthy but they make good snacks. 1. Fruit juice - I'm including hot apple cider in this list as thats one thing I've been drawn two during the winter. Now that the weather is getting warmer a glass of cold fruit juice is … [Read more...]

Space Roundup February 27, 2015


Even though the space shuttle program ended in 2011 there are still astronauts aboard the International Space Station. It provides us a platform to accomplish great things and inspire the next generation. Getting to see Atlantis’ final landing in person at Kennedy Space Center was an amazing experience. A plaque now marks the shuttle’s final landing site at the Kennedy Space … [Read more...]

Characters I Would Name My Kids After

I'll be catching up on previous missed weeks as I get around to it.  This week's topic is Character's I Would Name My Kids After.  Pondering this topic brought several names to mind of characters that I like or names that I find interesting. Narrowing down the list was the challenge: Sara - While Sara has always been a name I've like it now belongs to one of my favorite … [Read more...]

Agent Carter a Brilliant New Show


This post contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the series for the final episode don't read any further. As I've considered what to say about Marvel's Agent Carter, the only words that come to mind are kudos. Once again they've come up with a great concept.  Initially I took an interest in the character of Peggy Carter after watching the first Captain America movie. Its … [Read more...]